Dormitory Monitors

Dormitory monitors are upper school student leaders who guide, mentor, and assist students with the ins and outs of dorm life, while working with resident faculty to help keep the dorms running smoothly. Tafties apply to be dorm monitors; selections are made by faculty and administration based on the content of the application and formal interviews.

Dorm monitors are expected to be excellent role models both in and out of the dorms, and to be present, visible, and available to their peers. They work to help build a strong sense of community in our living spaces, in part by planning and facilitating events, and by working with resident faculty to establish and enforce community expectations. They are cheerleaders, cruise directors, tour guides, communicators, social interpreters, voices, empowerers, and friends. They support resident faculty with an ear to the ground and eyes on the safety and well-being of the full Taft community.