Resident Faculty

“It is necessary to establish a student-faculty relationship that is informal and frank—a relationship based on mutual trust. Communication is essential for such a system to work effectively...”—The Monitors, 1970

The standard of conduct at Taft is high, and life in the dorms is no exception. Every interaction must be rooted in personal integrity and respect for others. Tafties are expected to: make responsible decisions for themselves and consider the impact of those decisions on the full residential community; understand the importance of compromise and tolerance; respect the people they share space with; and respect both the stated and tacit rules, guidelines, and common values shaping life at Taft.

While our students enjoy a good deal of independence and self-governance, most are living away from home for the first time, and appreciate support and guidance as they navigate the expectations of our community and the practical nuances of communal living. To that end, faculty members live in apartments in all of the dormitories at Taft. They help orient students when they first arrive on campus, and help them understand the rules and expectations of residential life. Outside of the dorms, students will often come to know their dorm parents as teachers, coaches, role models, and mentors.

Resident faculty will hold regular dorm meetings, usually in the common rooms. Every Friday night they host “feeds,” where students gather for food, fun, and break from routine. They enforce rules, lend an ear, offer opinions, provide direction, translate, mediate, praise. In short, they act like parents in our home away from home.

The Dean of Students' Office also plays an important role in our Residential Life Program. They coordinate the many details that help a residential community run smoothly: rooming assignments, permissions and transportation, attendance, coordinating the school calendar and overseeing the conduct system. The Dean of Students’ office touches almost every aspect of school life.