Background Information

Please provide a brief description of your organization's history and programs. ​

Project Information

Please keep your answers to 100 words or less.

Give a general overview of the project for which you are requesting funds. ​​
Describe and document/justify the need(s) that the project will address. ​
Provide the rationale, including evaluation results, data, or research, that supports why the project is likely to be successful. ​
Describe the plan and timeline for implementing the project. ​
Use numbers to describe benchmarks for successfully implementing the project. For example, these might include the number of teachers to be trained, the number of students to be served, the number of mentors to be recruited, the number of service projects to be completed, the number of workshops to be held, the number of parents to be trained. ​
Describe the outcomes (results) that you expect as the result of implementing the project. For example, these might include a decrease in student discipline referrals, an increase in volunteerism, a decrease in bullying incidents, an increase in student mentoring activities, an increase in school attendance, a decrease in incidence of school vandalism, higher test scores, a decrease in bus conduct citations. Use numbers to describe the changes that can be expected in the outcomes targeted by the project (for example, a 35% reduction in disciplinary actions, a 40% reduction in absenteeism, a 40% increase in positive behaviors, etc). ​
Clearly describe your plan for evaluating the implementation and outcomes of the project. Provide a schedule or timeline for measuring and reporting results. ​
Itemize all costs of implementing the project. Provide justification for all budget items. If there are any, identify matching or supplementary funds that will contribute to the project in addition to the Red Rhino Fund funding. ​​​