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Shannon Guidotti

Shannon Guidotti

Titles: Science Department Head
Degrees: BA, Mount Holyoke College
MS, University of Maryland
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-945-7831

Shannon began her teaching career at Perkiomen School in Pennsylvania, where she taught biology and AP Biology and served as a coach, dormitory parent, and advisor to the diversity club. She spent summers teaching Fast-Paced High School Biology at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, as well as various science courses at the Taft Summer School. At Taft she has taught a range of courses, though her focus has been in teaching Accelerated Biology and Scientific Ethics courses. While at Taft, she earned a Master of Chemical and Life Science from University of Maryland, College Park with a concentration in biology. Shannon is an active member of the National Association of Biology Teachers and part of The Galapagos Conservancy and National Science Teacher Association. She leads fall conditioning after coaching the girls' junior varsity soccer and basketball teams for a number of years. She has enjoyed serving on many committees at Taft, and has been a member of the gender committee since its inception. Following six years as Dean of the Upper Middle Class, she assumed the position of Science Department Chair in fall of 2017.  She is head of Centennial Dormitory and has been actively involved with leadership training through her work with dormitory monitors and previously with the UM class committees.