Capital Projects

Hero Treatment

Hero Treatment

It is impossible to separate our mission from the space in which we live. Ours is a stunning campus — a combination of new and historic buildings built by the collective generosity of generations. Over the years, the school has carefully stewarded the campus, with beautiful renovations to many of the older buildings: McIntosh, Congdon, HDT, and CPT. But there is work yet to be done if we are to care for these beautiful spaces where the community comes together to live and learn, and that will require an ongoing investment. 


Classroom Construction and Renovation

New construction will include innovations in classroom design and technology and an endowed fund for on-going improvements.

Athletic Complex

Significant renovations in the near term will include new boards and glass in Odden Rink, a portable indoor turf field that will be used in the off-season in the rink, and upgrades to McCullough Fieldhouse.