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Personal Computers, Phones and Connectivity (last updated April 5, 2019)

Quick FAQs

Q: How can I connect my computer/devices to the Taft network.?
A: Guests to the school can connect to TaftAir-Guest during business hours. Members of the school community must connect to our user network.

Connecting Computers to Taft's Wireless Network Connecting Mobile Devices to Taft's Wireless Network

Q: Should I bring a laptop or a desktop?
A: Laptops are required of all students. Taft does have a voluntary laptop program, through which students can purchase a Mac or PC that is packaged with 3 years of insurance and is serviceable at the school. Alternatively, students may elect to bring their own laptop, which would not be.

Q: Will I be expected to carry a laptop around with me throughout the school day?
A: No. Taft is not a "laptop school" but teachers will periodically ask that you bring your laptop to class for research, writing or testing.

Q: Should I bring a Macintosh or a Windows computer?
A: This is a personal choice. Bring what you will be most comfortable using.

Q: Do I need a wireless card and can I setup a wireless network in my room?
A: Taft is a wireless campus. All academic spaces and dorm rooms have very strong wireless access. You will not be permitted to setup a wireless access point or router in your room as it would interfere with the Taft wireless network.

Q: What about my smart phone and wireless printer connecting to the Taft network?
A: Students are allowed to connect up to three devices (e.g. computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) to the wireless network. Student personal WiFi printers, however, are not supported.

Q: Are Taft’s learning resources available off campus?
A: Taft uses Haiku Learning for a learning management system. Many teachers make classroom resources available on this cloud service. Other resources are either available on the Taft external website, or on Veracross, the school’s student information system.

Q: What is Taft's Acceptable Use Policy?
A: Taft's policy can be found here.

Computers & Software

Taft provides and requires that you have our campus anti-virus software solution installed on your computer. If you do not have an antivirus solution installed, we provide this software freely and we automatically keep your computer updated with the latest software and definitions. We take this measure along with automated network registration to insure a safe and secure environment for all students, faculty and staff using the campus network.

You may be required to attend a computer setup and configuration session to make sure your software and resources are configured for dormitory and classroom use. You will receive specific instructions when you arrive on campus.

We strongly recommend that your backup your computer using an external USB drive or a service such as Taft’s Google Apps for Education service. The Taft School is not responsible for lost, missing, or damaged files.


Because of the rise of cellular phones on campus, Taft has discontinued the wired telephone service in student rooms. In most dorms, however, there are convenience phones for those without a cell phone. The dorm convenience phones have access to local and toll free dialing only. A calling card is required in order to make a long distance (toll) call. Specific questions about telephones should be directed to Frank Trosky, 860-945-7906.

Connecting to the Taft Network

Taft is a full wifi campus, providing a robust 802.11 a/g/n/ac wifi network throughout all campus dorms and academic buildings. Students are not permitted to operate their own wireless routers, wifi access points, or cellular wifi hotspots on campus. Taft also provides a very limited number of "courtesy" wired network ports in select public locations. It is the responsibility of the student to bring a computer equipped with an Ethernet card and a category 5 Ethernet cable to connect their computer to the wired network.

Student Laptop Program

Taft School offers incoming students a Taft Laptop Program, which provides a new Mac to students who elect to purchase one, bundled with full warranty and insurance covering accidental damage and theft for 3 years. Students who choose to purchase a laptop in this program will be able to bring their laptop to the Information Technology office for all support issues. The IT team will fix any issues and provide a loaner computer to student if repair will be longer than a few hours.

Student Computer Support

For students who are not taking part in the laptop program. Information Technology staff are available during regular school hours to resolve all connectivity issues. Support is primarily focused on email, connectivity, and academic application issues but the staff will offer minor assistance to students who are having other issues with their computer. We do not provide direct hardware replacement support but will assist with contacting vendor support or advise students on how they should proceed.

Please bring software media and documentation along with proof-of-purchase or warranty information, as it will allow us to be more effective in helping resolve problems.

Buying or Bringing a Computer to Taft

Every student at Taft is required to have a laptop. Course materials/resources are delivered through email and the web. See the table below for recommended equipment and software:

Suggested Minimum Computer Specifications
Platform Windows Macintosh
Processor Dual Core or better Dual Core or better
Memory at least 8 GB at least 8 GB
Hard Drive 128 GB SSD or higher 128 GB SSD or higher



Operating System Windows 10 Mac OS X 10.12.X or higher
Antivirus Software McAfee installed by Taft (required) McAfee installed by Taft (required)
Warranty 3-4 years onsite if available and accidental damage protection is strongly encouraged. 3-4 years onsite if available and accidental damage protection is strongly encouraged.

Google Apps

As part of Taft's Green Initiative, most classroom work is done through Google Apps. Students will be provided with Google Apps accounts. Google Apps for Education is used by thousands of schools and universities worldwide. It is a suite of web-based programs providing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and collaboration tools. Because it is a web-based system, students and faculty can access their work from anywhere.


Laser printers are available in all computer labs and in the library. Students can print from their personal computers to designated public network printers through a system called Web Print. Some students bring a local printer to be used in their dorm room. The smaller portable inkjet printers seem to work well for that purpose.

Points of Contact

Laptop Program (Billing)

Business Office, 860-945-7775

Laptop Program (Technical) & General Questions

Please contact Thomas Chestna, Director of Information Technology