Connecting Computers to Taft's Wireless Network

Taft Wireless Connectivity (last updated April 3, 2019)

Quick FAQs

Connecting your computer to the wireless network

In order to connect your computer to Taft's Wireless network, you must register it with the Network Access Control appliance. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your computer to the wireless network called TaftAir-N. When prompted, enter the WiFi password: Rhino-2014

  2. Open a web browser and type in a non-https website such as You will be redirected to:
  3. Click on the link for Faculty, Staff and Students.

  4. The Client Registration page will open. Please read the instructions, noting that you will need to install a network agent on your computer. This agent will help you to ensure that you have the proper protections on your computer: McAfee Anti-Virus and operating system updates. Enter your network username and password and click Continue.

  5. If you are on a cell phone or tablet device, you will not need to download a persistent agent, so you will not see this next step. If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, you must find and run the downloaded program, and the Bradford agent installation starts. Here are screen shots of the PC and Mac installation programs:

  6. Follow all the installation steps until you arrive at the Bradford Login screen. Enter your username network password again.

  7. The agent will now complete the registration process. It will take about 45 seconds for this change to take place, and you should see a countdown and progress bar during the process. You will then be fully registered on the TaftAir-N network. From this point forward, you can re-connect your computer directly to TaftAir-N when you are connecting to the network.  You should not have to go through any registration or authentication process again on this computer, unless you delete the persistent agent.

If you are on a phone or an iPad, you may be prompted for the passphrase for TaftAir-N. The code is Rhino-2014.

If you have any questions during this process, please call the Taft IT department at 860-945-7990.