Spring 2024 Season Wrap-up

A look back at the spring 2024 season for Taft Athletics.

Girls’ Lacrosse
Founders League Championship Finalists

Girls’ lacrosse ended their season with an overall record of 13–3, again making it to the Founders League championship game, where they would end up falling to Hotchkiss, 10–3.

Boys’ Lacrosse
Founders League Championship Finalists

Boys’ lacrosse finished off the year with a 12–6 record for the season, including a trip to the Founders League championship game, where they fell to Loomis, 14–7.

Girls’ Crew
Founders Day Regatta Champions (Boat 1); du Pont Cup Champions (Boat 1); 5th Place, NEIRA Championship (Boat 1)

Boys’ Crew
5th Place, Founders Day Regatta (Boat 1); du Pont Cup Champions (Boat 1); 9th Place, NEIRA Championship (Boat 1)

Girls’ Golf
2nd Place, Founders League; 3rd Place, NEPSAC Pippy O’Connor Independent School Girls’ Golf Classic Tournament

Boys’ Golf
Founders League Champions

Boys’ golf ended the season with an overall record of 8–2, had an impressive showing in their tournaments, and rounded out the year by claiming the Founders League Championship.

Boys’ Tennis
SNETL Champions; 2nd Place, NEITA Class A Championships

In Coach Peter Frew ’75’s last season at the helm, boys’ tennis claimed the SNTEL crown, and finished the season with a second-place finish at the NEITA Class A Championships.

Girls’ Tennis



Girls’ Track
2nd Place, Founders League Tournament; 6th Place, NEPSTA Division I Track and Field Championship⁠

Boys’ Track
7th Place, Founders League Tournament; 11th Place, NEPSTA Division I Track and Field Championship


Spring 2024 Athletic Awards

Girls’ Lacrosse
Wandelt Lacrosse Award—Truus van Wees ’24
All-NEPSAC—Britty Page ’25, Truus van Wees ’24
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention—Alexa Blaha ’26, Reiley Pascale ’25

Boys’ Lacrosse
Odden Lacrosse Award—Ben Wick ’24
All-NEPSAC—Ben Wick ’24, Russell Fitzgerald ’25
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention—Tristan Bach ’24, Chris Reinhardt ’24

Girls’ Crew Award—Esmee Clew-Bachrach ’24, Sabrina Moffa ’24
Boys’ Crew Award—Agust Booth ’24

Girls’ Golf
Girls’ Golf Award—Iyene Essien ’24, Kyla O’Byrne ’24

Boys’ Golf
Galeski Golf Award—William Theiss ’24

Boys’ Tennis
Alrick H. Man, Jr. ’09 Award—Denzel Seetso ’25

Girls’ Tennis
George D. Gould Tennis Award—Estelle Maggard ’25

Softball Award—Alayna Mariani ’24

Stone Baseball Award—Braeden Purser-Eber ’24

Boys’ and Girls’ Track & Field
Seymour Willis Beardsley Track Award—Brody Bowser ’24, Trevor Stellmach ’24, Kate Cicchetti ’24, Rina Kurihara ’24

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