Thoughts on Ukraine and Our Work at Taft
Thoughts on Ukraine and Our Work at Taft

The following email was sent to the Taft community on February 28.


To The Taft Community:

As you can well imagine, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, an act we join the world in condemning as an unprovoked violation of sovereignty, has been very much on the minds of our school.  The reasons are many:  we have students from Ukraine, Russia and other nearby European countries; our faculty have invariably found teaching moments, including in our A.P. European History and Human Geography courses; our students are engaged, curious and informed around geographical issues; and for many, questions about the potential of widening of conflict are deeply concerning. Above all, we hope for resolution and peace.

Our focus is where it should be:  on students.  We've worked hard to provide support for those most profoundly affected, especially those from Ukraine who carry the heaviest weight of worry for family and friends.  We have provided information for those who want to support causes in support of Ukraine.  We have educated students on the history of the region.  And we have reminded the school of our work as a global community in respectful, robust, informed dialogue.

As is so often the case for a global school in a complex and interconnected world, we see this as an opportunity to extend our mission of the education of the whole student and to affirm our commitment to a community where all members feel they belong.

Non ut sibi,

William R. MacMullen

Head of School