Meet Jack

Where are you from?

I am from New Preston, Connecticut.

What kinds of things have you been involved in during your time at Taft?

I have been on the tennis team and ski team since sophomore year. I was also elected to be a school monitor my senior year and was selected to be a dorm monitor for my upper mid and senior years. I am an admissions council head, which is an opportunity to train and recruit new tour guides as well as host admissions events for prospective students and families. I am a member of the jazz band and play the alto and baritone saxophone for school and local community events.

What was your favorite class (or classes) at Taft?

My favorite two classes at Taft were Thermodynamics and Human Geography. In Thermodynamics I was able to gain a really deep understanding of chemistry and see how it comes into play in day-to-day life. As a skier, one of my favorite experiences was coming up with a design for a new hand warmer by determining the most effective chemicals to use. I got to actually see the chemicals and my design in action. As for Human Geography, I was able to examine everything from religion to politics to anthropology in great detail. The class taught me how to appreciate the world from many different perspectives.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus has to be the upper tennis pavilion. I am able to watch the sky change colors over almost the entire campus while catching a relaxing breeze. Watching some great tennis matches is an added bonus!

What has been your most memorable Taft moment?

My most memorable Taft moment was Red Rally during senior year. Red Rally is a pep rally the night before Hotchkiss Day, which is when we play our rivals, Hotchkiss, in every fall sport. It was so much fun hyping up the crowd as well as cheering on teammates and classmates. There was so much energy and school spirit which helped me feel an even closer bond with the community.

What is one piece of advice you’d give new or prospective Taft students?

I would tell new students to take advantage of every opportunity they get. Taft offers so many chances to try things out through clubs and sports and it is rare that you will stumble upon those moments again. Take advantage of learning from the diverse community around you. There are so many cool things that I have never even heard of prior to coming to Taft, but I am now able to say that I did some of them and learned a lot more about the world around me by doing so.

What does it mean to be a Rhino?

To be a Rhino means to continuously find ways to embrace Taft’s motto, “Non ut sibi ministretur sed ut ministret” (Not to be served but to serve). Throughout my time at Taft, I have found countless opportunities to interact with my peers, but also with the community outside of school. It is in these ways that we learn to put others before ourselves, not only at school, but in life.