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Virtual Event

Join Co-Athletic Director Rob Madden '03 and Varsity Baseball Coach Mike Mastrocola '08 for a discussion with Darren Bragg '87,P'17,'19,'21, 11-season MLB outfielder, Bill DeWitt III '86, President, St. Louis Cardinals, and Dick Williams '89, President of Baseball Operations and General Manager, Cincinnati Reds (through the 2020 season).

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Discussion on Sleep

Emerson Wickwire '91

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Digital Networking

Gabby Michnoff '11

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A Conversation on American Relations with China

Steve Erlanger '70
Ambassador Winston Lord P'86
Lance Odden, Headmaster Emeritus

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Rhinos Read: Katharine Eats Her Lunch

Kate Teves '97

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College Counseling and COVID-19

Alison Almasian '87

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The Environmental Impact of COVID-19

Alison Frye, Harrison Clay '92, and Kate Bailey '97

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Healing Through Nutrition

Eliza Whetzel Savage '06

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Transforming the Colorado River at Yuma

Charles Flynn '70

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Rhinos Read: White Picket Fences

Amy Julia Becker '94 and Roger Stacey

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Rhinos Read: The Revisioners

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton '00 and Bonnie Blackburn Penhollow '84

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Private Schools and Finding the Right Fit

Jim Best '84, Peter Frew '75, Tamara Sinclair '05, and Katama Guernsey Eastman '95

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A Walk in the Clouds: Tafties Operating and Investing in Cloud Software Businesses

Amish Mehta '91, Blake Carlson '92, Lexi Reese '92, and Matt Thompson '92

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Systems Thinking

William Donaldson, Ph.D. '74

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Concert to Connect

Enjoy performances by Taft Alumni/ae, Parents, Students and Faculty.

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Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President

Dave Kirkpatrick '89, P'23

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The Codebreaker

Hilary Klotz Steinman '86

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Art Tutorials

Let's Paint! How to Glaze a Giclee Print

Ken Rush '67

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How to Draw a Rhino

Cooking Tutorials

How to Make an Omelet

Serena Wolf '05

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Readings by Authors

The Marsh of Science
If Cooks Could Kill
The Russian Revelation
Did the Doctor Do It?

Taft Musicians

Bergin & Brian: Our Story
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