Daily Schedule

Classes begin after breakfast and continue through the early afternoon. Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the students gather for Assembly to hear teachers address the community. Following afternoon sports, students are free to play games in the student union, walk to town or simply relax until dinner. Outdoor athletic facilities, the library, and art studios are also available for use during this time.

Weekdays Saturdays
Breakfast Breakfast
8:00—9:30 First Period Rotating Schedule
9:30—10:00 Assembly or Break Free Time until Lunch
10:00—11:30 Second Period Rotating Schedule
11:30—12:15 Lunch Lunch
12:30—1:10 Third Period Trips & Activities
1:15—1:55 Fourth Period Trips & Activities
3:15—4:30Athletics (Wed. 1:15—2:30)Trips & Activities
6:00—7:30Extracurricular/Free TimeExtracurricular/Free Time
7:30—9:30Supervised Study HallActivities
10:15Dorm Check-inDorm Check-in
10:30Lights outLights out

Meet Marniecia

"Ms. Gudas is a very unique and bubbly person whose class I really enjoyed. She pushed me to express more of my personal feelings and thoughts in my writing.”