Summer Faculty

Faculty members at Taft are selected on the basis of their excellence in teaching, their commitment to young people, and their desire to instill enthusiasm for learning. The Summer School faculty is chosen primarily from Taft’s regular school-year faculty as well as from other independent and public schools.

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Each summer, Taft selects several outstanding college seniors and recent graduates who are interested in a career in education to assist the faculty. Interns work in the classroom with a senior teacher, live in the dormitories, assist in the afternoon sports, and serve as advisors to Summer School students. They are an essential part of the Summer experience, and Summer School students often form lasting friendships with these young adults.

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2017 Summer School Faculty

* Current or former Taft School faculty
** Taft graduate

Kathryn L. Albee
M.A., Tulane University; University of Maine

Thomas W. Antonucci*
M.A.T., University of New Hampshire
Director of the Summer School

Kristin Antonucci
M.S., University of Florida; James Madison University
Director of Student Services

Martin Aspholm*
A.B., Brown University
Director of Residential Life/Dorm Head

Debi Bender
B.F.A., Temple University

Monte Blaustein
B.A., Concordia University

Eileen Fenn Bouffard*
M.A., Boston College; St. Lawrence University
Head of English Department/Intern Coordinator

Kerry Bracco*
M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania; Dartmouth

Gregory D. Calabro
B.A., College of the Holy Cross
English/Dorm Head

Frank Cassano*
M.A., St. Joseph's College; Union College
Head of Mathematics Department

Marc Cibelli
B.A., Skidmore College

Kevin Danaher*
M.S., University of New Haven; Roger Williams University

Erin Duffy*
M.A., University of Florida; University of California Santa Barbara
Dean of Students

Amy Feda**
B.A., Hobert and William Smith Colleges

Bethany A. Goldman
B.A., Georgetown University
Mathematics/Dorm Head

Robert Kwalick
M.F.A., Northern Illinois University; Monmouth College

Nicholas L. Manfreda**
B.S., Bucknell University
Mathematics/Dorm Head

Angelina Massoia
B.A., Wesleyan University

Matthew R. McDonald
B.S., Hamilton College

Cecelia Menendez
B.A., University of Connecticut
Spanish/Conversational English

Katie McLaughlin**
B.A., Colby College
Public Speaking/Dorm Head

Leah M. Morris**
M.A., Boston University
Studio Art

Kelsea Mucherino
M.S., University of Bridgeport; University of Connecticut

Matthew Mullane*
M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania; University of Wisconsin

Lucia Piacenza**
B.S., Bates College
Science/Dorm Head

Tommy Piacenza**
B.A., Davidson College
Director of Athletics

Franz Ritt
B.A., Bates College

Kathryn Rigley
M.S., New York Institute of Technology; University of Dayton
English/TRS Coordinator

Tobias M. Rosen
B.A., Wesleyan University

Laura Stoughton*
B.S., Northwestern University
Science/Dorm Head

Brian Taggart
M.A., Northeastern University; Skidmore College

Khalid Tellis*
B.A., Middlebury College

Parker Washburn*
B.A., Harvard University

James Wendt, Jr.
M.A., University of Connecticut
Video Production

Yee-Fun Yin*
M.F.A., Hartford Art School, University of Hartford; Yale

2017 Summer Interns

** Taft graduate

Losangela Batista
St. Lawrence University

Emma Boniche
B.A., Elon University

Samuel Christenfeld
Harvard University

Jessica Cole
University of Delaware

Sierra Hannough**
College of the Holy Cross

Parker Bianco Lawlor
Middlebury College

Tess O'Brien
University of Vermont

Jessica Swoboda
B.A., Villanova; University of Virginia

Meet Jack

“My favorite class was Physical Science with Mr. Blaustein. He brought science to life in his classroom by planning excellent experiments that gave us great hands-on learning experiences. I wish I could have taken all of his classes – he was awesome!”