How to Apply

Instructions to the Applicant

Carefully complete online Application Form A, including choosing three 100-level and three 200-level courses (the extra choices allow for potential scheduling conflicts). Make sure that your parents or guardians sign the form and pay the $175 nonrefundable application fee with a credit card ($100 of the application fee will be applied toward the deposit if a student is accepted and enrolls). Give forms B, C, and D, to the appropriate educator and ask them to upload, email, mail, or fax their recommendation to Summer@Taft. Forms can be printed from the digital catalog. Your application will be considered complete when the application fee and all forms, including a copy of your transcript, have been received.

If you prefer to apply by mail, please print all application forms from the online catalog, and follow the instructions on the forms. Include a $175 application fee payable by credit card or by check (made out to Taft School with "Summer@Taft" and the student's name on the memo line). If using a credit card, write the card number and expiration date in the designated space on the back of the form.

Note: Applications are handled on a rolling basis. If you applied to Taft for the 2024-25 academic year, you need not send any additional recommendations or another transcript to Summer@Taft. Simply complete Form A and indicate in the appropriate space that you have applied. We will obtain your records from the Admissions office.

Arrival and Departure Information

Five-Week Programs

All students should plan to arrive on Saturday, June 29, 2024. Please reach out to the Summer@Taft office if you need information regarding airport transportation. Students depart by noon on Friday, August 2, 2024.

Two-Week Programs

All students should plan to arrive the morning of Monday, July 15, and depart by noon on Friday, July 26, 2024. School-provided airport transportation is not available for students attending two-week programs. Private transportation to and from the Taft campus is required for move-in and departure.

COVID-19 Information

Participants will be asked to sign the following Summer@Taft Community Agreement, which outlines the policies that will be in effect during the programs, including the requirement for a 24-hour guardian located in the U.S. who can pick up the student on campus within 24 hours in case of emergency. Summer@Taft participants must be up to date on all immunizations.