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Frequently Asked Questions

“Having spent time at Taft this summer, I know now that I can handle being away from home. Being able to call or Skype on a daily basis helped both me and my parents cope.” —Tanya

Q: Are the dorms co-ed? Can I have a single if I want one?

The dorms are not co-ed. Limited singles are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: Can I call my parents every night?

Yes, of course!

Q: What about technology?

The campus is wireless and laptops and cell phones (to be used during free time only) are encouraged.

Q: Can I walk into town whenever I want?

You can walk downtown anytime during free time as long as you’re back by 7 pm and have signed out with the Summer School office.

Q: Will someone wake me up in the morning?

No. You’ll be responsible for getting yourself up and ready for the day.

Q: Do you accommodate vegetarians?

Simple vegetarian options are provided at each meal. Each dorm also has refrigerators where you may keep snacks, and vending machines are also available. In addition, local food establishments deliver to Taft.

Q: Are there set times I have to do my homework?

On school nights, the entire residential community has study hall between 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

“My advisor, Ms. Gudas, treated me to Talenti Gelato after study hall. She even remembered my favorite flavor, Vanilla Bean!”—Minori

Q: Can I watch TV when I finish my homework?

We allow students to watch TV before and after study hall, but not during. Televisions are located in the common rooms on each floor and in the student union. The large projection screen in Bingham Auditorium is used for very special occasions (like World Cup soccer).

Q: Do I have to make my bed?

Yes. Dorm faculty inspect rooms regularly. You’re expected to make your bed, pick up your belongings, and empty your trash and recycle bins.

Q: How many kids live on each floor?

On average, about 20 to 30 kids of the same age live on each floor, supervised by dorm faculty. The faculty live in the dorms and are a great resource in the event of any personal, social, or academic issues.

Q: Who chooses my roommate?

The Summer School office will make every attempt to find a great fit. Reaching outside your comfort zone and making new friends is one of the most exciting aspects of Summer School!

“Meeting new people was awesome, and I loved showing Diego and Lucas around my home town of New York City!” —Thomas

Q: Do I have to participate in a sport?

Yes. Sports run from 3:15 until 4:30 pm. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a different activity each week. Typical options include soccer, basketball, volleyball, weight training, tennis, squash, Frisbee, yoga, and use of the fitness room.

“The soccer field was one of my favorite places to make new friends.”—Matteo

Q: Can I go home on weekends?

Most students will remain on campus on the weekends to take advantage of the busy social calendar and day trips being offered. If you choose to go home, you can depart on Friday after sports and return by 7 pm on Sunday evening.

“I finally conquered my fear of roller coasters!”—Trina

Q: What about my laundry?

You can use the washers and dryers available in each dorm, or sign up with a laundry service at an additional cost.

Q: Can my parents visit?

Absolutely! The Summer School has an open door policy, but to avoid a scheduling conflict, we appreciate a phone call in advance of the visit.

Q: How can I continue to practice music?

Although the Summer School doesn’t offer any music lessons, practice rooms are available to you for use during free time.

Q: Is there a dress code?

The dress code at Summer School is informal, with shorts and t-shirts being the norm. Frayed and patched clothing, as well as facial or body piercings are not permitted. Plan to bring one nice outfit for the more formal functions.

Q: How big are the classes?

Your classes will be very small, generally consisting of 10 students or fewer. The faculty/student ratio at Summer School is 4:1.

Meet Kieran

"I was pleasantly surprised that the boys’ dorms were in the HDT building, and I was thankful for the convenient location."