Annabel from Bahamas

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Passion: Not sure career wise, but I know I am very passionate about soccer. 

Goals for the summer: To practice for the SSAT exam and learn more about it by taking a formal class. Also, I wanted to make some new friends with whom I could stay in contact with after summer school. Looking back on my Taft experience, I think I achieved both of my goals. 

First impression: A beautiful campus, friendly people, and I really like the close student-teacher connections at Taft.

Favorite class and teacher: Photography with Mr. Yin. I enjoyed Mr. Yin’s class so much because learning black and white photography was something completely new to me. I loved not only taking the photos, but to also process my film and print my photos in the dark room. 

Favorite sport: Soccer, because I love the intensity of the game, and I really love the team aspect of the game as well. My favorite coach was Ms. Lucas because she is a very talented soccer player and always made the practices enjoyable and fun. She was very kind and always checked on people to make sure they were okay.

Favorite food in the dining hall: Aside from the pizza and tacos, I liked the barbecue every Friday night out on the Jig patio.  

Favorite memory: The final dance because it was the last night with all of my friends, and I knew that this was our last chance to have a fun. It was an amazing night! I think we danced for about two hours straight and then we had the best time back in the dorm just talking about all the great memories we made all summer.