Arianna from Italy

Hometown: Montalcino, Italy

Passion: “Traveling is my greatest passion. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to discover new things and open my mind, visiting new countries. It makes me understand that there is so much to learn from different cultures, new places, and amazing people.”

Goals for the summer: “To make the most of my summer vacation, which in Italy, lasts for three months! One of my main goals was to improve my English by studying different topics in a prestigious, yet fun, environment. In addition, I wanted to make friends from all over the world.”

First impression: “I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the buildings, the overall setting, and the warm welcome I received at registration. From the very first moment I walked in, I felt surrounded by culture.”

Favorite class: “International Affairs. I found it very interesting as we actively discussed many major recent issues happening around the world.”

Favorite sport: “I loved Fitness in particular, because I was able to choose the exercises I preferred while also chatting with others and listening to music. I found the gym extremely well equipped and kept.”

Favorite food in the dining hall: “The meat, fresh fruits and vegetables (and of course, Taft’s famous chocolate chip cookies!).”

Favorite memory: “The friendships I made at Taft will always have a special place in my heart. It goes without saying that the weekend trips helped a lot to get to know my friends better. The day off at Six Flags was the most exciting of all!”