Erica from Indonesia

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Passion: “Baking and snacking on sweet treats.”

Favorite food in the dining hall: “The quesadillas and the brownies!”

Goals for the summer: “I came to Taft to be better prepared for the upcoming school year and to experience something new and different from the environment back home.”

First impression: “The school is beautiful and the teachers, as well as the students, were nice and friendly.”

Favorite teachers: “Ms. Piacenza and Mr. Rosen. Both are extremely welcoming teachers who guided us every step of the way and balanced learning and fun in their classes.”

Favorite coach: “Ms. Evans. She did workouts with all the girls in fitness and would blast loud music to motivate us.”

Favorite memory: “I remember the hours just before the dance and the formal dinner, where all the girls in my dorm were rushing to get ready together.”