Jack from Minnesota

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Passion: “Math, Science, and Computers. I love the way they can all work together to solve problems.”

Favorite food in the dining hall: “The BBQs on Monday and Friday nights. We would have burgers, hotdogs, and corn. The best was when they would bring in the big cooler of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!”

Goals for the summer: “To see what boarding school was like, to challenge myself academically, and to meet new friends from all over the world.”

First impression: “Taft is a welcoming place where teachers and students know each other personally. This creates a close-knit community where everyone knows your name.”

Favorite teachers: “My favorite class was Physical Science with Mr. Blaustein. He brought science to life in his classroom by planning excellent experiments that gave us great hands-on learning experiences. I wish I could have taken all of his classes – he was awesome!”

Favorite coach: “Mr. Cibelli and Ms. McLaughlin. We had a great time bonding as a team in floor hockey. Sometimes, Ms. Feda would come in and we would get to shoot on a goalie.”

Favorite memory: “Some of my favorite memories were the trips off campus. Yale University, Boston, New York, the Connecticut Science Center, and Six Flags – just to name a few. I love to travel and these experiences were great!”