Lexie from Connecticut

Hometown: Woodbridge, CT

Passion: Developing friendships and bringing out positive attitudes in people.

Favorite food in the dining hall: “Mac and cheese!”

Goals for the summer: “I decided to attend because I wanted to review material from the previous year in a new environment.”

First impression: “The first thing that caught my attention was the beauty of the campus. The campus is extremely well set up and the buildings are all close to each other.”

Favorite teacher: “Algebra I was my favorite class because I learned a lot. Ms. McLaughlin taught really well and in a fun way.”

Favorite sport: “Ultimate Frisbee and yoga were my favorite activities because they were new to me, and I really enjoyed the challenges that they presented. Coaches Mandigo, Petno, and Gudas were super energetic and fun!”

Favorite memory: “Helping my roommate, who was from Turkey, write her speech for Public Speaking. I really enjoyed helping her because we had a good time writing and really bonded over the experience.”