Nia from New York

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Passion: “Learning new things and playing sports."

Favorite food in the dining hall: “Pasta and pizza! Also, the kitchen staff always greeted me with a smile and asked how my day was.”

Goals for the summer: “To be prepared for the upcoming school year and review things that I had learned in the previous semester. Taft provided new concepts and material which will give me a head start in the new school year.”

First impression: “My first impression of Taft was that it would be very demanding and hardcore. Instead, I enjoyed myself while still focusing on my academics.”

Favorite teacher: “My favorite class was Lit & Comp, taught by Ms. Rigley. She was a fantastic teacher and taught me important skills that will be useful in the future. My reading and writing improved tremendously.”

Favorite coach: “Mr. Habison! In fitness, whenever I wanted to push myself, he was always supportive and helped me reach my goal.”

Favorite memory: “Hanging out with my friends and walking around campus. I met so many new people within the first few days and feel like I’ve built everlasting friendships with them.”