Samar from Saudi Arabia

Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Passion: Playing the piano. It’s something that I constantly strive to improve and it was one of the things that attending Taft didn’t prevent me from doing!

Goals for the summer: As a returning student, I convinced ten of my friends from back home in Saudi Arabia to come with me; my goal this summer was to get closer to them and just help them enjoy Taft as much as I did.

First impression: Extremely welcoming, with wonderful people and helpful staff.

Favorite food in the dining hall: The pizza was delicious and the desserts were done extremely well.

Favorite teachers: No favorites, I enjoyed all of my courses equally. I chose Philosophy with Mr. Christenfeld who gave me a great impression of the subject. Psychology is a course I take every summer due to my strong interest in it. Ms. Stoughton was an amazing teacher who taught the course in a very interactive way which made me enjoy it even more. Forensic Science was very fun and Ms. Piacenza was extremely pleasant, always smiling, which added a great atmosphere to the classroom. Lastly, International Affairs was very enjoyable and the debates were planned very well by our enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Cibelli. He gave us the freedom to decide the direction of our discussions.

Favorite memory: The summer as a whole, but ESPECIALLY the last dance; it helped tie everything together!