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Toffy from Thailand

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Passion: I absolutely love the beauty and elegance of math and how rewarding it feels to solve challenging problems. Currently, I am in the Gifted program in my school, this provides me the opportunity to pursue my interests in algebra and probability by studying the topics at a faster pace and with more depth. Taft has definitely allowed me to pursue this passion, particularly through Algebra II. The course allowed me to see the big picture of how I could harness the power of graphing tools to assist me in solving algebra problems.

Goals for the summer: To get a glimpse of what boarding school was like. I had a blast at Taft this year from both an academic and social standpoint. The classes were challenging and engaging but there was still time for social interaction and just having fun. I got to play the Ultimate Frisbee for the first time and formed bonds with people who have become my good friends.

First impression: The warm and welcoming faculty and students. Traveling 9000 miles across the globe, I did not know what to expect. I was very nervous when I first arrived. But the friendly atmosphere of the school made it much easier to settle in. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was always surrounded by positivity and smiling, supportive people. On top of that, the campus was beautiful and just the right size to create a sense of unity and community throughout the whole school.

Favorite class and teacher: Although I deeply enjoyed all my classes, my favorite class was “Introduction to Organic Farming”. Farming has been a subject I have been interested in the last two years, and when I saw the course I knew I had to do it. With Mr. VanHoesen’s expertise, we got to go through the whole farming process firsthand - weeding, preparing beds, fertilization, planting, and harvesting. At the end of the course, we were able to eat the fruits of our labor. Witnessing the culmination of five weeks of work come to fruition was the most rewarding part. Also, watering the plants was so relaxing and serene, a perfect end to a long day.

Favorite sport and coach: Ultimate Frisbee with Mr. Helgaas. Being a sport most people haven’t played before, we all started on equal ground. Mr. Helgass was very patient, helpful, and insightful to all the struggling players. He would go to players personally and help them perfect their throws. As we improved, the games became more challenging and fun and everyone would eagerly look forward to the next session. 

Favorite food in the dining hall: Pizza! A true comfort food.

Favorite memory: Going to Six Flags. As a person who loves thrilling activities, I really enjoyed the scary rollercoasters and waterslides.