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From academics to test prep to a unique golf program, Taft Summer School is all about offering you choices.

Young Scholars Program

Whether the goal is to explore the boarding school experience or gain confidence for the upcoming school year, the Young Scholars program is designed for 7th and 8th graders who intend to take on the challenges of rigorous public and private secondary schools.

Liberal Studies Program

High school students in grades 9 through 12 will be able to sharpen their academic and test-taking skills, increase their independence, improve time management, as well as broaden their cultural and global awareness as they prepare for college and beyond.

Young Writer's Enrichment Institute

Intended for middle school students, this two-week concentrated residential course focuses on building fundamental reading, writing and organizational skills.

Writer's Lab

Building strong writing skills in high school paves the way to success in college and beyond. Writer’s Lab is a two-week summer intensive workshop that provides high school students a rich and engaging experience, helping them grow as writers.

Test Prep for Day Students

As the college and private school application process is becoming increasingly competitive, the Summer School is pleased to offer a 5-week test preparation program for local day students.

Golf Program

Utilizing the facilities at the nearby Watertown Golf Club (Taft's home course), this program is designed for the competitive golfer pursuing a high school or collegiate level program.

Meet Lexie

Favorite memory: “Helping my roommate, who was from Turkey, write her speech for Public Speaking. I really enjoyed helping her because we had a good time writing and really bonded over the experience.”