Liberal Studies: June 29—August 2, 2024

Designed for high school students in grades 9 to 12, the Liberal Studies program offers participants the opportunity to study a variety of liberal arts courses in an independent school environment. Students will be able to sharpen their academic and test-taking skills, increase their independence, improve time management, as well as broaden their cultural and global awareness as they prepare for college and beyond.

Liberal Studies Course Offerings

The Program

Each student is required to take two 100-level courses and two 200-level electives. Courses on both levels are structured so that students will begin working on their homework in class, allowing them to ask questions and confer with the teacher as problems arise. Nevertheless, students should expect approximately two hours of work during the evening study hall.

If a course is filled by the date an applicant is accepted, or if enrollment in a particular course is not sufficient, then the next available course choice will be honored. Students will be notified prior to registration if a change must be made.

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Academic Credit

Taft does not offer academic credit for courses taken during the summer. We will be glad to forward a syllabus of work covered and final reports to a student's school if requested. Some institutions may wish to give students credit or administer their own examinations at the end of the summer to determine the extent of a student's progress. Students who must make up a deficiency should discuss with their own schools what allowances will be made for certification of work completed at Taft. Only in rare instances can a student complete the work required to pass a course failed during the school year, as Taft's summer courses are not designed to review an individual student's yearlong course.


At the conclusion of the summer session, parents will receive a description of the work covered in each course, a report on the student's progress, and a grade. The student's advisor will send a report on the student's overall record. If copies of reports are to be sent to anyone in addition to parents, the Summer@Taft office should be informed well in advance of the end of the session.

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Daily Schedule

Learn more about extracurriculars, athletic offerings, and residential life

Classes begin after breakfast and continue through the early afternoon. Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the students gather for Assembly to hear teachers address the community. Following afternoon sports, students are free to play games in the student union, walk to town, or simply relax until dinner. Outdoor athletic facilities, the library, and art studios are also available for use during this time.

  Weekdays Saturdays
7:00—7:45 Breakfast Breakfast
8:00—9:30 First Period Rotating Schedule
9:30—10:00 Assembly or Break Free Time until Lunch
10:00—11:30 Second Period Rotating Schedule
11:30—12:15 Lunch Lunch
12:30—1:10 Third Period Trips & Activities
1:15—1:55 Fourth Period Trips & Activities
3:15—4:30 Athletics (Wed. 1:15—2:30) Trips & Activities
5:00—6:00 Dinner Dinner
6:00—7:30 Extracurricular/Free Time Extracurricular/Free Time
7:30—9:30 Supervised Study Hall Activities
10:15 Dorm Check-in Dorm Check-in
11:00 Lights Lights

Tuition and Fees