Writer's Lab: July 11—July 22, 2022

Good writing skills are essential for college and any professional career. The two-week residential Writer’s Lab provides a deep and vibrant immersion for high school students seeking to focus on sharpening and polishing their ability to articulate clearly and effectively.

The Program

Designed for high school students in grades 9 to 12, Writer’s Lab is a two-week summer intensive workshop that provides a rich and engaging experience for students to grow as writers. The program will examine different modes of writing from analytic to creative. Through self-exploration and discussion and examination of literature, students will dive into the writing process, and utilize sight, insight, and reflection to shape their writing. Our faculty will work closely with students and provide hands-on instruction. Students will conference with peers and teachers as a means to polish their portfolios.

At the conclusion of the session, parents will receive a summary of the program, a report on the student's progress, and samples of their student’s work. Open to U.S. residents only.

Daily Schedule

Participants engage in five hours of classroom activities each day (the class size is limited to 12 students per section). In addition, they take part in a daily athletic program, as well as a variety of cultural, recreational, and extracurricular offerings, both on and off campus. Meals and housing are provided on campus. Each student is typically assigned one roommate of the same age and gender.

7:00—7:45 Breakfast
8:00—9:30 Class
9:30—10:00 Assembly or Break
10:00—11:30 Class continued
11:30—12:15 Lunch
12:30—2:00 Afternoon Writing Studio
2:00—3:15 Free Time
3:15—4:30 Sports
5:00—6:00 Dinner
6:00—8:00 Free Time
7:30—9:30 Evening Activities or Homework
10:15 Dorm Check-in
10:30 Lights

On the Weekend

Students remain on campus during the weekend to participate in special activities. On Saturday, students can participate in sightseeing, shopping, or cultural enrichment trips. Sunday is reserved for relaxing with friends on campus, at the athletic center, or for visiting local stores and restaurants or a nearby mall.

Boarding Tuition and Fees