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PLEASE NOTE: Transcripts ONLY reflect end-of-semester grades (1 and 2), not mid-semester grades. If you are a current student trying to access your mid-term grades, you must wait for them to be published on your mid-term report cards.

Official transcripts are printed on official transcript paper, and bear the embossed seal or stamp of the school, the current date and either the Registrar or Academic Dean's signature. Official transcripts will only be mailed directly to the school or organization you are applying to.

Please allow up to five business days for processing transcript requests. Transcripts are either mailed via the US Postal Service or sent via email directly to the school or organization requesting them. If you require your documents to be sent via courier service, please note that you are responsible for any shipping costs incurred (FedEx, UPS, or DHL).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student or alumni is over the age of 18, The Taft School requires the student or alumni's signed consent to authorize us to release their unofficial transcript to a parent or guardian. The Taft School reserves the right to request additional information or refuse transcript requests for submissions possibly deemed suspicious or fraudulent.

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*Current Seniors and PGs (Class of 2024), Upper Mids (Class of 2025), and alumni in the classes of 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019 must order their transcript request via College Counseling - See the buttons below:

Request an Official Transcript Request an Unofficial Transcript

If you need to follow up on your transcript request (Classes of 2024-2019), please reach out to Cheryl Gatling-Galloway directly in the College Counseling Office via email at or phone at 860-945-7703

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Note: Official transcripts and teacher/counselor recommendations will only be mailed directly to the school/organization requesting them.

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Notary and Apostille Services

*Apostilles only apply to alumni who are submitting documents to overseas schools, colleges, or government organizations.

NOTE: US Schools, Colleges, and organizations do not require transcripts to be apostilled or notarized. The school seal and signature of a school official are sufficient for their requirements. 
Unofficial transcripts will NOT be notarized.

Instructions for requesting Document Authentication and Apostille Service:

  1. Visit the CT Secretary of State website and review information.
  2. Download and fill out the Authentication Order Form.
  3. Download and fill out the Credit card and Debit Card form.
  4. Send both forms via email or fax to: Jackie Maloney, Registrar (Email: / Fax: 860-945-7905)
  5. Your completed Authentication Order Form and Credit Card and Debit Card Form will be submitted with your notarized transcript by Taft's Registrar directly to the Secretary of the State.  (All documents must be submitted together at the same time.)


  • Regular Documents:  $40.00 per document 
  • Expedited: Additional $50.00 per document.

***You are responsible for paying these fees via credit card directly to the State of CT.***

Courier Service

If you need your apostilled documents to be couriered both from Taft to the Secretary of State and then from the Secretary of State to you--please note that you are responsible for the shipping charges.  You must provide a prepaid shipping label for either FedEx, DHL, or the US Postal Service (links below).  You will be required to set up your own shipping account, set up the shipment(s), and print a pdf of the shipping label, which must be emailed to the Registrar's Office with your completed forms. If you do not provide prepaid shipping, your documents will be mailed via regular first-class mail.

The shipping address is:

Secretary of the State
Authentications and Apostilles
165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1000
Hartford, CT 06106

Telephone:  860-509-6002

Please call the Registrar's Office (860-945-7811) should you have any questions.

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By electronically signing my name below, I hereby authorize The Taft School to send the official records checked above to the recipients listed on this Transcript Request Form.
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Students/alumni who are over the age of 18 must personally submit transcript requests. Parental or guardian requests will only be processed if a student or alumni submits a signed consent release form to the Registrar, which will be kept on file.  Students and alumni over the age of 18 will also be copied in on all communications regarding transcript requests sent to parents or guardians. 

Jacqueline Maloney, Registrar


Office: 860-945-7811